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Fuel Calculator for iRacing and ACC

Welcome sim racer! If you’re not sure how best to use this fuel calculator, refer to the notes below.

Fuel and Stint Calculator

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How to use our Fuel Stint Calculator:

Race Length: Pop in the duration of your race. For example, if you’re gearing up for a 2-hour 30-minute race, you’d enter 2 in the ‘Hours’ field and 30 in the ‘Min’ field.

Average Lap Time: Enter your consistent lap time, not your best-ever lap. If you’re lapping at 1 minute 45 seconds, that’s 1 in the ‘Min’ field and 45 in the ‘Sec’ field.

Estimated Total Laps: The calculator will automatically work out how many laps you’ll be turning based on your race length and lap time.

Fuel Configuration

Fuel Per Lap: This is where your practice sessions pay off. Enter the amount of fuel you use on an average lap. If you’re burning 3.2 litres per lap, pop that in.

Fuel Tank Capacity: Enter the maximum fuel your tank can hold. In ACC, for instance, a GT3 car typically holds about 120 litres.


Total Fuel Required: This is your baseline. It’s how much fuel you’d need if you could run the entire race without stopping.

Number of Stints: This is how many times you’ll be out on track between pit stops.

Laps Per Stint: How many laps you can squeeze out before you need to come in for a top-up.

Fuel Per Stint: The amount of fuel you’ll use in each stint.

Pit Stops: How many times you’ll need to dive into the pits for fuel.

Stint Details

Stint: Which stint you’re on.

Lap: The lap number when you’ll need to pit.

Elapsed Time: How far into the race you’ll be at each pit stop.

Fuel to Add: How much fuel you need to take on at each stop.

Pro Tips:

Always add a safety margin. I usually aim to have enough fuel for an extra lap, just in case.

Remember, your fuel consumption might vary depending on track conditions, tyre wear, and how hard you’re pushing.

In longer races, consider how your lap times might change as the track evolves or as you fatigue.

Use this calculator as a guide, but always be ready to adapt your strategy on the fly. Most importantly, enjoy the race!