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The Best F1 Wheels for Sim Racing: Buyer’s Guide

V-PF1 Pro F1 inspired sim racing wheel by VPG

Featured image: V-PF1 Pro by VPG

Building your sim racing cockpit from scratch means designing it around the driving style you wish to adopt. And in case you’re an F1 or Formula / Open Cockpit enthusiast and want to build something that caters to your needs, it would make a lot of sense to grab an F1 wheel.

At this point, there are a plethora of F1 racing wheels on the market, and for someone who recently stepped into the unforgiving world of building a racing sim cockpit, finding the right wheel can be a bit of a pain.

What are the best sim racing wheels for F1?
  • Cube Controls F-Pro
  • V-PF1 Pro
  • Cube Controls CSX-3
  • Grid MPX
  • Leoxz XF1-Sport
  • Ascher Racing F64 V3
  • Precision Sim Engineering GPX
  • GSI Formula Pro Elite
  • Leoxz XGT Pro
  • Simagic GT NEO

We’ve covered our favourite sim racing wheels here, but, if you’re building an F1 cockpit, you may very well be looking for something more specific.

This is a genuine Mercedes F1 steering wheel
How does an F1 steering wheel work? (find out here)

Games like F1 2021/2 and more complex simulations like the Mercedes W12 and W13 in iRacing require more complicated controllers if you’re going to extract a truly competitive laptime. An F1 driver’s workload during a lap is very, very high. Brake bias, diff entry and exit settings, “strat” mode, engine settings, shift cues – and that’s barely scratching the surface!

Check out this video from Mercedes AMG Petronas to learn a bit more about an F1 driver’s workload:

What is an F1 Driver’s Workload Like During a Lap?

In today’s round-up, we take a closer look at the best F1 racing wheels on the market that our experts have hand-picked for your convenience.

Cube Controls F-Pro

This is my favourite wheel – it’s so versatile. You can of course use it as a F1 wheel but it knows no bounds when it comes to versatility – yes you can drive GT or classics – it’s just such a good wheel.

Cube Controls F-Pro
Cube Controls F-Pro

On a budget this is about the best F1 sim racing wheel you can buy, on balance – there’s no DDU which really isn’t necessary (and anyway you can choose your own DDU!) and the switches, rotaries, funky switches – are all of a very high quality. The wheel build is of a very high standard overall and performed well in the review.

Key features of the Cube Controls F-Pro include:

  • 285mm Diameter
  • Carbon Fibre face plate
  • Dual connections – USB or Bluetooth
  • Ball bearing paddle shift mechanism
  • Dual clutch paddles
  • Compatible with 70mm PCD QR Hubs
  • 1100g weight
  • 12 backlit momentary buttons 
  • 2 Funky switches, 2 front rotatory encoders and 4 thumb rotary encoders

V-PF1 Pro

The V-PF1 Pro by VPG, is a cutting-edge F1 sim racing wheel designed for professional drivers and discerning sim racing enthusiasts. I liked this wheel (check out our review, here). This state-of-the-art device offers VPG’s usual approach to the driving experience (communicative, sturdy – a very high-end item of equipment) with its full aluminium body, injection moulded grips, full-colour touchscreen display and RGB LED arrays around the screen.

The automotive-grade tactile buttons (which feature on many genuine F1 wheels, notably Mclaren) and rotary controls, magnetic shifter, and dual-clutch paddles featuring an adjustable bite point further sweeten the deal and ensure that you’re enjoying every second of your marathon racing sessions.

VPG's V-PF1 Pro F1 sim steering wheel
The V-PF1 Pro F1 sim steering wheel

We’ve just had this updated version of the V-PF1, the VPG-F1 Pro attached to the rig for testing. It’s an exquisitely designed, detailed work of art, with an all-new Vocore screen that makes the device SimHub compatible.

You can use TWF’s dashboard pictured below:

Vocore screen on sim steering wheel is very high resolution

The detail on the screen is vastly better than the original NEXTION version, and, as it’s touchscreen compatible, you can press the screen on the right or left edges to change the dashboard view.

Each V-PF1 Pro wheel is handcrafted and assembled by VPG to ensure the highest quality. To protect during transport or storage, the wheel comes in an industrial-grade hard case. If you’re in a money-no-object situation and you absolutely must have the best, this is the wheel for you.

All I can say is this is a beautifully inspired F1 sim racing wheel.

V-PF1-Pro steering wheel for sim racing by VPG
V-PF1 Pro (buy here)

Key features of the V-PF1 Pro include:

  • 280mm diameter Steering wheel with 14 buttons and 4.3” touchscreen display
  • SimHub Device Compatible
  • Magnetic shifter and double clutch – 12bit resolution
  • Domed epoxy stickers
  • Compatible with 50mm and 70mm PCD QR
  • Back cover, shifters, and knobs: CNC’d anodized aluminium
  • Button guards: silicone
  • Front: CNC’d anodized aluminium
  • 4.3” VoCore screen 480×800 resolution 350LM
  • (12+2) Apem 5G buttons – 10mln cycles
  • (2) IP67 sealed microswitch for the shifters – 1mln operations
  • (4+3) 16 detents custom ELMA rotary encodes – 1ml cycle
  • Easy access buttons and thumb rotaries
  • M12 industrial-grade connector

Cube Controls CSX3

The Cube Controls CSX3 sim racing wheel is the flagship sim racing wheel from our friends at Cube Controls, with the CSX3 meticulously designed with a glossy carbon fibre faceplate and the signature Cube Controls hand-painted logo.

With a design that prioritises both visual appeal and optimised ergonomics, the wheel grip is carefully sculpted for a natural, comfortable feel, while the button layout is strategically positioned to facilitate rapid inputs without compromising grip or stability during intensive racing sessions.

CSX-3 in use mounted
CSX3 in use on our rig

The CSX-3 utilises Cubeset, Cube Controls’ configuration and calibration software, which provides a straightforward setup without requiring installation. Calibration and RGB setting customization are straightforward, yet attention to paddle calibration is emphasized in CubeSet.

CSX3 - CubeSet

You can update the device firmware and calibrate the paddles in CubeSet and then just add the CSX-3 as a device in SimHub. The SimHub compatibility allows very easy updates for the DDU (dash display unit).

CSX3 sim racing wheel buttons
Closeup: CSX3 sim racing wheel buttons

The buttons on the CSX-3 are quite tactile and offer a responsive feel, providing satisfying feedback and precise control, something that’s often missing from F1 racing wheels. Additional functionalities, such as rotary encoders, multi-directional encoders, backlit buttons, and RPM lights, enhance the wheel’s capabilities and customisation options that come in handy when you’re competing against fierce opponents. 

Furthermore, the CSX-3 features 17 programmable RGB LED rev/flag lights and 12 momentary buttons with backlights, providing visual cues and quick access to vital functions during racing, while two toggle switches and multiple rotary encoders offer nuanced control over in-game features and adjustable parameters, respectively. 

The CSX-3 was a joy to have at the office, and difficult to return (I didn’t want to remove it from the hub!) – here’s the CSX-3 review; read that and you’ll understand why.

Key features of the Cube Controls CSX3 include:

  • 282mm diameter
  • 4-inch LED touchscreen
  • Carbon fibre face plate
  • Customisable LED Buttons
  • Up to 6 paddles 
  • 1143g weight
  • 12 momentary buttons
  • 2 on/off toggle switches
  • 8 rotary encoders
  • 2 funky switches

Grid Engineering MPX

The GRID MPX Sim Racing Steering Wheel has emerged as a standout in the sim racing arena. It seamlessly combines the craftsmanship of the highest order with modern innovation at an accessible price (compared to some of the wheels on this page!). I also like having the option of a no-display screen (DDU) wheel so that I can choose my own.

The wheel is crafted with a durable 5mm carbon fibre front and complemented by uniquely designed PU, anti-static grips, the MPX offers a comfortable grip for those marathon racing sessions.

As you chase the leaderboards, the feedback from the paddle shifters – augmented by extra magnets – makes every shift feel impeccably timed.

Grid MPX Wheel / Porsche Cup DDU / Apex Race Deck Button Box

A major highlight of the MPX is its carefully crafted design features. Many, including me, are blown away by the 87 telemetry-driven RGB LEDs. They’re not just for show; they deliver crucial real-time data, ensuring you’re always in tune with the race. The wheel’s array of controls, from the responsive APEM buttons to the precise ELMA encoders, are ergonomically placed, making every interaction instinctual.

Setting up the GRID MPX is straightforward. With its universal PC compatibility via USB, it adapts to various configurations effortlessly. As for its software support, whether you’re a SimHub enthusiast or keen on GRID’s upcoming software, you have ample tools for personalisation.

Beautiful attention to detail on the Grid MPX sim racing wheel for F1
Beautiful attention to detail on the Grid MPX sim racing wheel for F1

To sum it up, the GRID MPX Sim Racing Steering Wheel isn’t just another addition to the market; it’s a revolution. Marrying style, sensory feedback, and unmatched build, it’s a dream for any sim racing aficionado.

If you’re aiming to upgrade your racing toolkit, the MPX undoubtedly deserves prime consideration. Grid Engineering seriously upped its game after being acquired by Sim-Lab and the MPX is but one example of their rapid product expansion – read the Grid MPX review here.

Key features of the Grid Engineering MPX include:

  • 295mm diameter
  • Carbon Fibre face plate
  • Back-lit buttons and encoders
  • 87 telemetry controllable RGB LEDs
  • Full aluminium construction
  • Rear Otto P9 Buttons
  • 4 paddles
  • 2 x 7-way Funky switches
  • Support RaceDirector Software
  • Custom over-molded PU grips with an anti-static mixture
  • 2 x 7-way Funky switches

Leoxz XF1-Sport

Leoxz are an emerging manufacturer who has been very well received by the sim racing community; you may have already heard of them as they make the new Fanatec QR2 QR hub and have received quite a lot of attention on that basis alone. However – their main business is sim racing wheels – ideal for F1 and Formula racing.

Leoxz XF1-Sport
Leoxz XF1-Sport attached to my rig

The wheel unit is priced so reasonably, especially for what you get – a solid, sturdy racing wheel with great ergonomics and bags of assignability. We reviewed the XF1-Sport late last year and loved it. If you’re considering one of these wheels it’s cost in the region of £470 which is a lot of wheel for the money.

Our review model came with the Fanatec QR1 wheelside hub fitted, but of course, there’s an option to buy it with the QR2 installed, or just fit your own hub. It’s fully Fanatec compatible, in that – (PC users only) you don’t need the USB cable if it’s attached to a Fanatec wheelbase. It does require Leoxz SimBridge in Simhub – but that’s a very simple plugin to setup, and you can be racing in minutes from the moment it comes out of the box.

The wheel has a very distinct look and its all-black exterior coupled with a carbon fiber face plate makes it aesthetically appealing. Moreover, with a price tag of £474.00, this is a nice pocket-friendly F1 wheel.

Key features of the Leoxz XF1-Sport include:

  • 275mm diameter
  • Versatile layout
  • PU Grips
  • Metal and Carbon Fibre build
  • 15 buttons with customisable pressure sensitivity
  • Dual thumb encoders and a 5-way funky switch
  • Upto 6 paddles
  • Rev light LEDs configured by Leoxz SimBridge in SimHub
  • 4.3-inch IPS Display
  • Hall Sensors – Pedals

Ascher Racing F64 V3

Whenever I talk about the Ascher F64 V3 I always refer to this wheel as a “professional-grade bit of sim racing hardware”. It has a near bulletproof aluminium casing and solid, but comfortable grips and it’s a wheel that I know is favoured by many of the top sim racers:

Ascher F64 V3
Ascher F64 V3

It looks like a simple, and well laid out wheel – which it is. But don’t let that fool you into thinking this is a budget item – quite the opposite! As we found in the review, the paddles are crisp and responsive and the wheel chassis itself is very stiff – so it’s very precise at communicating force feedback through to your hands

Here’s the rear:

Ascher F64 V3 - rear
Ascher F64 V3 beautifully engineered paddles – rear mounted to an SQR hub.

This version was the Simucube wireless wheel but of course, they manufacture a USB version for non-Simucube users, too. Check out the review here.

Key features of the Racing F64 V3 include:

  • 285mm diameter
  • Available as Wired USB/Wireless version
  • Up to 800 hours of battery backup (Wireless)
  • 14 buttons
  • Dual funky switches with 7 inputs
  • 4 Paddle shifters
  • Multiple rotatory encoders
  • Up to 64 inputs

Precision Sim Engineering GPX

We seriously admire the GPX Steering Wheel by Precision Sim Engineering, a cutting-edge 290mm diameter F1 / Formula racing wheel designed for serious sim racers and professional racing drivers alike. Engineered for immersion and optimal control, the GPX wheel has been developed with input from drivers who have experienced real-life Formula One racing firsthand.

Precision Sim Racing: GPX
Precision Sim Racing: GPX

The GPX wheel offers a comprehensive array of controls, with 9 rotary dials and 12 high-quality push buttons, ensuring you have complete command over your setup during every lap. The wheel also features a full-colour LCD display and durable polyurethane grips for an enhanced user experience.

For an authentic Formula One-inspired feel, you can choose to equip your GPX wheel with optional dual-clutch paddles featuring an adjustable bite point. These paddles accompany the standard PSE magnetic gear shifters and carbon fibre paddles, delivering a truly immersive racing experience.

The GPX Steering Wheel by Precision Sim Engineering is for “high-end enthusiasts” looking to get an F1 racing experience without leaving their homes. Overall, a pretty decent F1 wheel, and if you don’t mind spending a whopping $3699 for an F1 wheel, this is a mighty good option.

Precision Sim Racing: GPX
Precision Sim Racing: GPX

Key features of the GPX Steering Wheel include:

  • 290mm diameter
  • Injection moulded polyurethane grips
  • 9 rotary dial controls
  • 12 high-quality push buttons
  • PSE magnetic gear shifters with carbon fibre paddles
  • Optional dual-clutch paddles with adjustable bite-point
  • Full-colour LCD data display
  • Replaceable industrial-grade coiled USB cable


The Formula Pro Elite by Gomex Sim Industries is a premium sim steering wheel that delivers a top-notch driving experience to sim racers. Crafted with top-quality materials and solid construction, the Formula Pro Elite offers a sense of true immersion, leaving no room for flex or compromises.

At its heart, you’ll find a nice LCD touchscreen for all the telemetry information, and coupled with its carbon fiber faceplate, you’ll be left in awe by the class of this top-notch wheel. The medley of 6061 aluminum and direct-injection silicone rubber handles further enhances the aesthetic appeal of the wheel while greatly improving the grip and the build quality.


The Formula Pro Elite also comes with customizable RGB LED rev lights, making it compatible with all popular sim software on the market. Moreover, there are a bunch of onboard buttons, knobs, and rotatory encoders, with paddle shifters to offer an immersive experience.

GOMEZ SIM INDUSTRIES: Formula Pro Elite (rear)
GOMEZ SIM INDUSTRIES: Formula Pro Elite (rear)

And when you’re getting such a nice and high-end steering wheel, you’ll have to pay a hefty sum naturally. To grab the Formula Pro Elite, you’ll have to cough up a whooping €1,473 and for a wheel of this calibre, it seems like a reasonable price to the right buyer.

Key features of the Formula Pro Elite include:

  • High-resolution 4.3″ LCD touchscreen
  • 7-way multi-switch
  • RGB LED rev lights
  • “CEMS N52” V2 shifters
  • 5mm carbon fiber faceplate
  • Optional dual clutches
  • Direct-injection silicone handles
  • “Spec 3” coiled cable
  • 6061 aluminium components
  • 310mm diameter
  • 10 momentary buttons
  • 70mm threaded bolt pattern
  • 5 push-button rotary encoders
  • Extra label sheets

Leoxz XGT Pro

Leoxz continues to deliver high-quality F1 wheels for a fraction of what other manufacturers are asking. Right now, the spotlight is on the latest wheel from Leoxz, the XGT Pro.


The XGT Pro is an F1-wheel with a 295mm diameter and a nice carbon fibre faceplate and polyurethane grips to offer a smooth and comfortable clench over the wheel. You’re getting 14 buttons here with RGB-lit rings that give the wheel an excellent look.

A small 0.9-inch IPS screen is also included alongside RevLEDs and you can use the SimHub tool to display any sort of telemetry information on the screen. Moreover, with 7-way funky switches, thumb knobs, other rotatory encoders, and most importantly, magnetic paddle shifters, the Leoxz XGT Pro is the complete package.

XGT Pro with Fanatec QR1 hub adapter installed
XGT Pro with Fanatec QR1 hub adapter installed

Out of all things, I like the price tag of this wheel. The Leoxz XGT Pro will set you back €399.95 and considering its offerings, you’re getting an excellent bang for the buck. As soon as it hits the UK, I’ll add a few links. In the meantime, you can check it out on the Leoxz website here.

Key features of the Leoxz XF1-Sport include:

  • 295mm diameter
  • PU Grips
  • 14 buttons
  • LED-lit buttons 
  • Magnetic Paddle shifters
  • IPS Display
  • 7-way funky switch
  • Upto 6 paddles
  • RevLEDs
  • Compatible with Simucube, Fanatec, Simagic, MOZA, and Asetek wheelbase.

Simagic GT NEO

With its pocket-friendly price tag, the Simagic GT NEO is making waves in the sim racing community for its excellent bang for the buck. Featuring a 300mm diameter, it is one of the biggest F1 racing wheels out there and for people with massive hands, this one is the ideal choice.

Simagic GT NEO
Simagic GT NEO (Image credit / buy)

The carbon fibre body ensures maximum durability while the rubberized grips ensure that you have a nice grip over the wheel. Again, for people with massive hands, you won’t have any problems finding your sweet spot here.

Moreover, you’re getting 10 RGB-lit customizable buttons with short travel distances along with funky-way switches, rotaries, and knobs to make up a nice driving experience. Moreover, with RevLEDs and QR kit pre-installed, the Simagic GT NEO is one of the finest F1 wheels on the market that you can get without breaking the bank.

Simagic GT NEO
Image credit: Raceanywhere.co.uk

Key features of the Simagic GT NEO include:

  • 300mm diameter
  • Carbon fibre build
  • 10 buttons – tactile and clicky
  • RGB-lit buttons
  • RevLEDs
  • QR kit
  • Joystick (Funky-switch)
  • Wide compatibility
  • Easy configuration with SIMPRO Manager
  • 4x paddle shifters

With these options in front of you, we’re positive that you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

That’s all folks! 

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