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Cube Controls F-Pro – Our Review

Cube Controls F-Pro with SQR hub

Image source: Cube Controls F-Pro

Today, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the highly-anticipated F-Pro from Cube Controls. Retailing at a higher end of the spectrum (860,00 € / £757.50 / $920), this wheel is no minor investment but, as you would expect from Cube Controls, does promise a major enhancement in your sim racing setup. After spending considerable time with this wheel, I’m ready to share my insights and explain why this (and two other Cube Controls wheels) sit at the very top of our best sim racing wheels list. Buckle up, we’re diving deep into the F-Pro’s world.

F-Pro Installation: An Endeavour of Simplicity

I’ve put together so many SQR hubs for my Simucube 2 Pro I think I could do it blindfolded at this point. Obviously, I won’t but the formula I use works well. A 100mm BG Racing 70mm PCD wheel spacer mounted to the Simucube SQR hub (which, as I always say, is the only hub a Simucube owner should ever need). This bolts neatly to the Cube Controls universal hub.

top view of the Cube Controls F-Pro
Metalwork attached and ready to mount to the sim.

All I’ll say with fitting these QR hubs is to torque the bolts correctly. You can’t go wrong with a good set of Allen keys, like the ones I use from Draper. It just isn’t worth slipping a bolt in such a crucial area, and SQR hubs do benefit from a tight installation.

close up of the universal hub on the rear of the F-Pro
Cube Controls Universal hub (left) and paddle detail (right) – note the threaded holes in the hub which is very, very convenient.

If you’re new to Cube Controls equipment, the installation process for the F-Pro is straightforward and user-friendly. The provided instructions in the manual were easy to follow and the hardware aligned perfectly with my rig.

Once mounted on my simulator, the F-Pro exuded a sense of stability and permanence.

Extract from the manual under Installation
Extract from the manual under Installation

As I mentioned in the F-Core review, my F33l glove grips seem to work very, very well with the F-Pro’s grips. Much like the F-Core the overall ergonomic shape of the grip makes sense, slightly thicker for the palm of your hand but not too wide that you can’t maintain a nice, strong grasp of the rig in tight corners, Just like its predecessor, the F-Pro holds onto Cube Controls’ familiar feel of firmness, grip, and responsiveness.

Fanatec Direct Drive Wheels

F-Pro installed with my Apex LED Button box in situ

The wheel feels solid in hand and there’s no noticeable flex.

The diameter, 282mm grip to grip, once again, reaffirms Cube Controls’ passion for pure formula driving.

Buttons, Rotary and Switch: The Perfect Ensemble

The button layout of the F-Pro is clearly a product of thoughtful design. The wheel houses 12 momentary buttons, backlit on/off toggle switches, and 4 front and 4 thumb rotary encoders.

f-pro button layout
F-Pro Button Layout

The layout makes the buttons and encoders easily accessible during a race, with minimal adjustment time. The addition of integrated multidirectional joysticks perfectly complements the overall design, which is within easy reach should you need to make an adjustment. Two bi-directional encoders really give you the freedom to assign black box controls or select new pages in your separate DDU – there’s an awful lot of scope for assignability on this wheel.

Naturally, the thick gloss carbon fibre stands out, with the hand-painted Cube Controls logo one of my favourite touches.

Shifting Perspectives: The Shifter

Shifting to the F-Pro’s shifters, you’ll find a well-engineered design using aluminium, neodymium magnets and carbon paddles. In contrast to the F-Core, these paddles shift with a stronger feeling of certainty than their nylon counterparts. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but these shifter paddles do feel a lot more familiar with Cube Control’s usual offering.

F-Pro Shifter close up
F-Pro Shifter close up with embedded thumb rotary located in grip

This results in shifters that are both lightweight and robust, offering a tactile experience that is soft yet firm. The feel of these shifters is distinctly Cube Controls and adds to the overall immersiveness of the sim racing experience. What’s not included in the shot of the detail – there are rotary bearings and the paddle mounting themselves have been refined.

Redefining Control: The Clutch

The F-Pro’s clutch system with its launch control function is like icing on the cake, adding yet another layer of realism to the sim racing experience. This, combined with the in-software configuration ability, makes the F-Pro clutch system not just a simple add-on, but a comprehensive tool for enhanced racing performance.

Software Integration: Seamless and Intuitive

Something you’ll almost certainly want to do is define your RGB lights. Cubeset allows just this in a very intuitive and simple manner:

Cube Controls Cubeset for RGB adaptation
Cube Controls Cubeset for RGB adaptation

This is where you set your clutch bite point too:

Set clutch bite point
Set clutch bite point

In Conclusion: The F-Pro Experience

The Cube Controls F-Pro stands as a testament to high-quality engineering and design in the sim racing world. It manages to blend advanced features and intuitive design into a product that elevates the racing experience to a professional, yet affordable level.


  • High-Quality Build: The F-Pro is noted for its solid construction, with no noticeable flex, enhancing the durability and feel of the wheel.
  • Ergonomic Design: The wheel’s design, including its grips and button layout, is ergonomic, making it comfortable for long racing sessions.
  • Advanced Features: The F-Pro includes advanced features like a clutch system with launch control, adding realism to the sim racing experience.
  • Intuitive Software Integration: The Cubeset software allows for easy customization of RGB lights and clutch bite points, enhancing user experience.
  • Responsive Shifters: The shifters are made from aluminium, neodymium magnets, and carbon paddles, offering a tactile and firm shifting experience.
  • Versatile Button Layout: With 12 momentary buttons, backlit on/off toggle switches, and multiple rotary encoders, the wheel offers plenty of customization options.


  • Premium Price: The F-Pro comes at a high price point, which might be a barrier for some sim racers.
  • Complexity for Beginners: The wealth of features and customization options might be overwhelming for newcomers to sim racing.

While the F-Pro does come at a premium price, the experience it offers is undeniably worth it for those looking for a truly immersive and responsive sim racing setup. It’s clear that Cube Controls has once again raised the bar with the F-Pro, and it thoroughly deserves its spot on our best sim racing wheels buyer’s guide.

Cube Controls F-Pro – Our Review