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Race Deck LED from Apex Sim Racing: Review

LED Button Box from Apex Engineering

We’ve seen a nice collection of button boxes for sim racing over the years, and today we’ve got hold of one of the best (in my humble opinion) – the Race Deck LED from our friends at Apex Sim Racing. This version fits my standard-sized Stream Deck, but, if you’re a Stream Deck XL owner, there’s a button box for that too.

unboxed Apex Engineering LED box
Race Deck: LED

Manufacturers like Apex Sim Racing have huge growth potential over the next few years. They have a great product catalogue, some exciting new things in development and it’s all reasonably priced. If you want to enhance your sim racing rig; check out Apex Sim Racing.

apex engineering button box
Race Deck LED

For those in the world of sim racing, finding the perfect button box can be a challenge. Until reasonably recently you either had a button box, or later, a stream deck. Both could be mounted on your rig together, but they took up a bit too much space. The Race Deck LED Button Box from Apex Sim Racing solves exactly that problem, combining the versatility of a Stream Deck with the assignability of a proper button box.

Naturally more modern, “immersive” rigs designed to emulate real cockpits have a plethora of features like brake bias dials and dash displays (DDUs), even safety netting! But for most sim racers, we’re looking for utility: easily accessed, assignable buttons that are easy to find in a darkened environment. That the Stream Deck has backlit / OLED screens is a bonus, but the little LED lights in the momentary push buttons on the box itself really make a difference too.

Right from the start, the box stands out with its genuine carbon fiber front and rear plate. This matte twill finish is not just a façade – it’s a statement. There’s no faux carbon fiber vinyl wrapping here, just solid, 2mm thick carbon fiber. The enclosure, 3D printed and hand-finished, carries a textured look that adds to the overall aesthetic.

inside the apex led button box

The Race Deck is unique in that it houses an Elgato Stream Deck – offering you a world of endless possibilities at your fingertips. From launching apps and adjusting volumes to setting up different profiles for each car, the button box functions as a control center that fits seamlessly into your sim racing setup. However, keep in mind that the Stream Deck is not included and needs to be purchased separately. The box’s compatibility with both versions of Stream Deck mk1 and mk2 is a thoughtful addition, making it a one-size-fits-all solution.

Removing face plate for easy installation

The Race Deck comes with twelve 12mm LED momentary push buttons, their red LEDs turning blue when pressed. These buttons, along with the CTS Rotary encoders, can be mapped to any in-game input, offering the driver greater control and ease of use during intense racing sessions. The optional 7-way multi-switch that replaces the center 12mm push button, providing seven inputs in one switch, showcases the thoughtful design considerations made by Apex Sim Racing.

For those concerned about dimensions and mounting, the Race Deck measures 172mm in height, 150mm in width, and 45mm in depth. The box also includes rear m5 inserts for mounting, making it 75/100 VESA compatible. I used the VESA-based mount available separately – which also comes with some aluminium profile section should you wish the extend the reach of the box.

With its practicality, high-quality materials, and precision of its design, the Race Deck LED Button Box is more than just a peripheral for sim racing. It’s a substantial upgrade that can enhance your gaming experience, streamline your streaming, and lend a professional touch to your rig.

In summary, the Apex Sim Racing – Race Deck LED Button Box is a robust, versatile, and high-quality addition to any sim racing rig. If you’re serious about your racing and want a button box that provides a combination of functionality and style, the Race Deck could very well be your next essential piece of hardware.

Apex Button Box Mount

Complementing the Race Deck LED Button Box is a versatile mount designed by Apex Sim Engineering. The mount not only offers compatibility with the entire range of Apex’s button boxes (excluding the Slim Racer, PTT, and Black Box Mini) but also provides a flexible range of movement. With the ability to adjust up, down, left, and right, you can fine-tune the positioning to match your comfort and accessibility needs.



  • High-Quality Materials: The use of genuine carbon fibre for the front and rear plates adds to the durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Versatility: The integration with Elgato Stream Deck allows for a wide range of functionalities, from launching apps to setting up profiles for different cars.
  • Ease of Use: The 12mm LED momentary push buttons and CTS Rotary encoders are designed for easy mapping to any in-game input, enhancing control during racing.
  • Customization: The optional 7-way multi-switch adds further customization options for the user.
  • Mounting Compatibility: The inclusion of rear m5 inserts makes it compatible with 75/100 VESA mounts, offering flexibility in setup.
  • Aesthetic Design: The matte twill finish and the textured look of the 3D printed enclosure contribute to an attractive design.


  • Stream Deck Not Included: The necessity to purchase the Stream Deck separately could be a downside for some users.
  • Size and Space Requirements: While the product aims to save space by combining a button box with a Stream Deck, its dimensions (172mm x 150mm x 45mm) still require a fair amount of space on a sim racing rig.

If you opt for the Mount & Pivot Arm Version, you will receive an 11.75″ black 10 series extrusion along with a pivot. This version brings a new dimension to the adjustability of your button box, allowing for the optimum viewing angle and reach, which can be especially valuable during intense racing situations. The pivot arm also contributes to the overall robust build quality, promising durability and steadfast support for your Race Deck button box.

Race Deck LED from Apex Sim Racing: Review