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Our Editorial and Affiliate Policy

If you’re here, you might want to understand how sites like simracingcockpit.gg make money.

Think of this site as a small online publisher, with costs that include hosting, time to build content, time taken to build retail and manufacturer relationships, testing, and so on. As a consumer, you have a right to know who is giving you advice and what their motivation to do so might be.

For me, I love sim racing and use it as a way to finesse my Motorsport (think: Max Verstappen but way slower). That’s why you’ll see references comparing sim racing to real-life Motorsport in posts written across the site. SIMRACINGCOCKPIT.GG is a hobby project that I very much enjoy working on.

Editorial policy

When you read a recommendation or a review in a buyer’s guide or how-to article, you’re reading about the equipment I own, has been sent to test by a manufacturer or retailer, or gear I’ve used in the past.

Dear reader: look for original photography, please!

You’ll notice the original photography on the site which is your way to detect an originally created, hand-crafted article produced from hard-earned experience and expertise in the sim racing industry.

Please, beware of thin affiliate sites that have very clearly never used the product.

The “telltale” is a lack of original thought and photography, overemphasis on deals, ads and offers, excessive pop-ups and very thin articles that add little, if anything to the conversation.

With AI-assisted writing taking a huge hold over affiliate site owners, the temptation simply to copy someone else’s work is too great. As a consumer, I urge you to evaluate the credibility of the source you’re reading, and, like I said: original photography is the giveaway.

You can always do a little background research on the author too; an author unwilling to disclose their full name nor provide any evidence they have first-hand experience is a red flag. If you can’t find their personal profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social presence – again, that’s a red flag.

On that note, here is my author page and here is the About Us page. You can connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter or just send me an email!


I occasionally get sent equipment to review, but I do not receive compensation from manufacturers for producing content on this website directly. Indeed – the financial model this site operates is to earn small commissions, should you buy an item of equipment after reading a review, and (of course) clicking a link on simracingcockpit.gg with the intention of buying that product.

I am also a freelance writer for other sim racing companies (retailers and manufacturers) and have very close relationships with all of the companies I work with. This includes providing development feedback to help make the equipment you buy, better.

Most of the test sample equipment I return, and I keep myself up to date by buying the best of what I can afford! Occasionally the manufacturer lets me keep the device although this is exceedingly rare. Some manufacturers allow me to keep their version of an item I already own.

When that is the case I try to rotate equipment on my rig to make sure all items get a fair amount of photography exposure in article photos.

Critically: if a product is not good enough to meet our review standards, that product does not get any exposure on our site.

my sim racing rig
That’s me testing a Cube Controls CSX-3 on my sim rig

As for the gear I previously bought and own outright, when it’s upgrade time I’ll resell it on eBay or leave it on the shelf for updates, technical support or just to look nice. As my job involves knowing and understanding this kit, if you were to visit my office you’d see lots of cool sim racing gear on the shelves! The best of it, of course, is mounted on my sim rig.

I get a lot of thank you emails from people who I have been able to help, which brings me a great deal of satisfaction. If you’re ever not sure about any of this you can always contact me for more information.

Affiliate Policy

How this website creates revenue

As a participant in Amazon’s Associate program and similar affiliations with other retailers and sim equipment manufacturers, I. (simracingcockpit.gg) receive a small payment whenever a product I have recommended in our content is purchased.

This is at no cost to you but certainly helps with the costs associated with being a small online publisher and sim racer. I strive to create frank, unbiased reviews that include original photography, citations of third-party sources when required and enough information for you to know: how the product feels, its compatibility with other products, how it’s installed and who (based on price point) would it be appropriate for.

Thank you for your support and if you have any questions please just contact me.