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GT3R DDU Sim Racing Display: Our Review

GTR3 DDU from Apex Sim Racing

Featured image: GTR3 DDU from Apex Sim Racing with Race Deck LED Button Box (left)

Sim racing enthusiasts are always looking for a nice sim rig update, and the GT3R DDU Sim Racing Display from Apex Sim Racing offers an enticing upgrade option indeed. This premium, Vocore-powered 5-inch display boasts a vibrant, colourful high-resolution screen, customizable RGB LEDs, and solid build quality.

Colour and brightness are really strong with this DDU unit
Colour and brightness are really strong with this DDU unit

Given the very high-resolution screen, and the huge range of dashboard options (Apex have its own, I’ve opted for my favourite TWF dash for this review) there are so, so many options available for Vocore-powered DDUs. In terms of appeal, I would aim this particular product at the intermediate to advanced user who wants easily read race or qualifying data, without spending too much time looking at a wheel display.

In this review, we’re going to delve into the GT3R DDU’s technical specifications, the installation process, and share our final thoughts on the GT3R DDU Sim Racing Display.

Technical Specifications

The GT3R DDU Sim Racing Display is equipped with an impressive set of technical specifications that set it apart nicely from the competition and most definitely the vast majority of sim racing wheels that have built-in displays.

With its 5-inch high-resolution display, featuring a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, small text and crucial in-game data are rendered with great clarity and precision. I found during use that, despite lots of screen pages being available – everything I need is clearly and easily visible on one page.

The tempered scratch-resistant glass overlay ensures long-lasting durability, while the 34 RGB programmable LEDs (that’s a lot of LEDs!) are controlled via SimHub (always have the latest version here). LED setup does take a while, despite profiles being available there are so many effects and rules available that you could spend days working on the perfect LED configuration. I like it simple: RPM, shift warning, spotter and flags.

The display’s custom PCB and single USB connection provide simple connectivity to your PC, further enhancing convenience and ease of use. Encased in a full 6061 black anodized aluminium enclosure and featuring a genuine 3mm carbon fibre mounting bracket, the GT3R DDU exudes a sleek and professional Motorsport aesthetic.


Setting up the GT3R DDU Sim Racing Display is a breeze, thanks to the thoughtful design, product page options and comprehensive instruction manual provided by Apex Sim Racing.

Choose your preferred mount bracket from the options highlighted
Choose your preferred mount bracket from the options highlighted

The package includes two carbon fiber brackets, mounting bolts, and a USB cable for easy installation. The brackets are designed to occupy the top mounts of your Direct Drive wheelbase (if like me you own a Simucube 2 pro – there are other mounting options available). The carbon fiber brackets not only provide sturdy support but also add to the display’s sleek visual appeal. Thankfully, they’re drilled in a way that makes the height of the display adjustable – so fitting it in with your existing setup should be a breeze.


To get started, users need to install the Vocore Screen driver and configure SimHub. Most of us already have this done but to be sure, there’s never anything wrong with downloading the latest version of SimHub and simply following the install procedure. The latest version of SimHub offers to install a few drivers including the Vicore driver you’ll need for this display so, in my opinion, starting from scratch is not a bad idea.

Install SimHub, open it and start by heading to Devices > Add Device:

When you click “add a device”, look for the “Generic Vocore Screen” device:

generic vocore device driver simhub

Select the generic Vocore screen option and the full hardware settings available will appear for the DDU:

generic vocore driver for simhub

After the hardware installation is complete, it’s wise to make use of the LED profile created by Apex Sim Racing. You can download the file and the user manual here. Save this LED profile somewhere and follow these instructions:

Head to “Arduino” and select “RGB LEDS” from the top tabs. Click “Profiles Manager” (highlighted below)

Click “Profiles Manager” and upload the LED profile from the website:

Use the “import” button (a page with an arrow pointing to it – sorry should have drawn you a little box)

And that’s the hardware / software bit done, except of course for the universe of LED customisation options:

SimHub allows for *a lot* of customisation (including the option to build your own dashboard), including selecting a dashboard layout, and adjusting the RGB LEDs to perform functions from RPM lights (obviously) to spotter and flag effects during the race. The installation process, while involving a few steps, is straightforward and accessible even for those new to SimHub, all you really need is to sure you’re running the latest version of Simhub, and, if not, perform the upgrade process being sure to include the Vocore screen display driver. From there you can download and import the LED profiles which have already been configured for you.


The GT3R DDU Sim Racing Display from Apex Sim Racing delivers an exceptional sim racing experience for advanced users seeking an alternative to the usual built-in screens we’re seeing so much of lately. The unit’s vibrant 5-inch display, high-res graphics, and colourful display ensure clear visibility and readability of vital racing information. The 34 RGB programmable LEDs add a layer of immersion by providing real-time feedback on important data points such as RPMs, delta, and race flags.


  • Vibrant, High-Resolution Display: The 5-inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels ensures clear visibility of crucial in-game data, with strong colour and brightness.
  • Durability: Features like tempered scratch-resistant glass and a full 6061 black anodized aluminium enclosure contribute to the display’s long-lasting durability.
  • Customizable RGB LEDs: The display includes 34 programmable RGB LEDs, allowing for extensive customization to suit personal preferences.
  • Ease of Installation: The product comes with a comprehensive instruction manual, making the setup process straightforward. It includes two carbon fibre brackets, mounting bolts, and a USB cable for easy installation.
  • Professional Aesthetics: With a genuine 3mm carbon fibre mounting bracket, the display offers a sleek and professional Motorsport look.


  • Complex LED Setup: While LED customization offers great flexibility, setting up the perfect LED configuration can be time-consuming due to the vast array of effects and rules available.
  • Targeted Towards Advanced Users: The product is aimed more at intermediate to advanced users, which might limit its appeal to beginners or casual racers.

The display’s professional-grade build quality, including the 6061 black anodized aluminium enclosure and genuine carbon fibre mounting bracket, contribute to its durability and a premium look and feel. The installation process, guided by comprehensive instructions, is relatively straightforward, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Overall, the GT3R DDU Sim Racing Display is a compelling choice for advanced sim racers looking to take their racing setup to the next level.

GT3R DDU Sim Racing Display: Our Review