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F1 24: Everything You Need to Know

Red Bull Racing at Austria (Credit: EA F1 24)

Featured Image: Red Bull Racing at Austria (Credit: EA F1 24)

EA Sports and Codemasters are back with their annual Formula 1 game, releasing May 31. And with it, some of the largest game-changing updates for some time. 

Updates to physics and gameplay, career mode changes and improvements to the driver’s experience make this the most definitive F1 game to date. 

Join us as we break down everything you need to know about EA Sports F1 24.

EA Sports Dynamic Handling

EA Sports worked with three-time F1 champion Max Verstappen to develop their new Dynamic Handling model. This is a step towards a more comparable feeling to real-life driving and less unpredictability when driving on the edge. 

They’ve fixed the behaviour of the suspension, which now adds a realistic feeling of weight distribution when cornering and a stable centre of gravity when on the straights. With this, the setup of the suspension is more important than ever, as you now have more control over stability and traction.
We’ve covered realistic physics in our sim racing games guide – having a good ‘feel’ of the car is crucial as you develop your sim racing skillset and is a hallmark of a quality game that’s worth your time.

F1 24 Official Gameplay Deep Dive

Improvements to Tyre Behaviour

Sim racing isn’t just about going as fast as possible. Sometimes, you’ll need to preserve your tyres to save grip and performance for the last few laps.

F1 24 has worked on this to bring players a more reliable feeling and the ability to save precious tyre grip for when you need it.

They’ve re-designed the temperature model to be more reactive to on-track behaviour. When you’re in the dirty air of the car ahead, your tyres will begin to overheat and you’ll be more likely to lock up in the braking zone. 

The same can be said for tyre characteristics in changing conditions. In a wet-to-dry race, for example, moving off the drying line will cool your tyres and extend their life, allowing the player greater control over how their race unfolds.

The prancing horse
The Prancing Horse

Aerodynamics changes

Just with real Formula 1 cars, slipstreaming in F1 24 will increase your speed at the expense of downforce and cause turbulent air to flow over your car, affecting the way you approach the braking zone.

Haas Formula One Car - Credit: EA F1 24
Haas Formula One Car – Credit: EA F1 24

The Drag Reduction System (DRS) now behaves differently depending on your car setup. If you choose to have a wider, larger rear wing, you’ll naturally have a lower top speed due to increased drag. However, you’ll also experience improved performance when DRS is open, so it’s a balancing act that’s all down to you – the player.

Developments to the power unit

A big step towards a more authentic racing experience comes with the changes to throttle maps. Now, in F1 24, you can request power more sequentially, saving that all-important battery power for when you need it most. You can also ‘de-rate’ the power delivery and put energy back into the hybrid system to deploy later in the lap.

Speaking of the hybrid system, Energy Recovery System (ERS) modes are back in all sessions, meaning you can deploy ‘overtake’ or ‘hotlap’ at any point during the race weekend. This is great for practice qualifying runs or testing race pace.

These features mean ERS will drain faster, but F1 24 also allows for more options to regenerate energy, bringing players the most balanced system yet.

ERS Deploy - Credit: EA F1 24
ERS Deploy – Credit: EA F1 24

F1 24 brings with it an improved Career Mode, which EA Sports claims is the largest overhaul to the core game mode in almost a decade. Let’s get into it.

All-new Driver Career

‘Be one of the 20’ is the tagline for EA Sports F1 24’s Career Mode, with more ways than ever to pave your legacy into the sport.

F1 24 Official Career Mode Deep Dive

The reworked single-player experience mirrors the experiences of a real Formula 1 driver. 

Iconic Drivers available in Single Player Mode - Credit: EA F1 24
Iconic Drivers available in Single Player Mode – Credit: EA F1 24

You can jump into the racing boots of one of the 20 current drivers (for the first time in Career Mode) or take the wheel as one of F1’s iconic drivers, such as Ayrton Senna or Michael Schumacher. The ability to drive as one of F2’s upcoming stars is also brand new with F1 24.

Driver Recognition powers the revamped Career Mode. This consists of completing tasks and hitting targets throughout the season. The better you do, the higher you’ll rank in the Driver Recognition system and put you in a stronger position for contract negotiations. 

Unlike previous games, secret meetings can take place within the driver market. However, these talks can risk your reputation within your current team and could hurt morale. Is it worth upsetting your team for the chance at a championship-winning seat? That’s for you to decide.

Research and Development improvements

As well as driving you towards a potential contract with a top team, your performances on track affect the way you can develop your car.

If you begin to deliver results, your team will be more motivated to design and build new components, and the risk of development failure will decrease. 

For the first time, you’re given the freedom of choice to pool your R&D resources with your teammate, for the benefit of the overall team, or use them exclusively on your own car. 


At the end of the first full season, players will unlock modifiers that will change the course of action for future seasons. For example, you can limit yourself to just one upgrade a month or chassis-only upgrades, which allows no two seasons to feel the same. This gives Driver Career more replayability and offers the player a chance to develop a narrative for their driver.

All-new Driver Accolades

Driver Accolades are long-term milestones that are tied to each driver and dependent on their real-life experiences.

If you choose to race as your custom driver, you’ll begin with a blank slate and build Accolades over time.

However, a player who chooses to take on Lewis Hamilton in Driver Career will be challenged with obtaining his eighth world title, whereas driving as Max Verstappen will see you as the reigning champion and charging towards your third crown. 

Two-Player Career and Challenge Career

Every feature available in Driver Career will be found in Two Player Career, meaning you and a friend can battle on (and off) track, with endless opportunities for contract negotiations, driver signings and secret upgrades.

Brand new with F1 24 is Challenge Career: a community-led experience with an opportunity for global bragging rights.

Challenge Career puts all players into identical scenarios, with your performance ranking on a worldwide leaderboard.

For example, all players could take the wheel as Lando Norris to set the fastest possible lap around Suzuka, followed by a Sprint Race in Imola. 

Future Challenge Career objectives are decided by community voting and real-world influences.

Challenge Career - Credit: EA F1 24
Challenge Career – Credit: EA F1 24

There’s a lot on offer for EA Sports F1 24 that makes it the definitive Formula 1 experience.

Check out the first look at gameplay here:

F1 24 First Look at Gameplay

Improvements to car physics, immersion and fan-favourite game modes will be available to players on May 31. Pre-ordering the Champions Edition will grant players 3 days of early access and a bunch of in-game rewards, such as unique liveries and Pit Coins, the in-game currency of F1 24.

 Get ready for lights out on May 31!

F1 24: Everything You Need to Know