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Reaperware iFlag: Test Drive

Reaperware iFlag close up

Featured Image: Reaperware iFlag (Purple)

I came across ReaperWare on Facebook very recently. They’re a UK-based company making RGB matrix flag and gear indicators, button boxes and DDUs. The post I caught featured the iFlag, which really caught my eye. It’s a neat little 8×8 RGB LED matrix display, housed in a cast acrylic enclosure, ideal for displaying the gear you’re currently in, spotter alerts, shift warnings and proximity alerts.

It’s inexpensive at £37.49 and to be quite honest I couldn’t resist it; so I bought it from their site and then dropped their Founder, Andy a line to let him know I’d cover it here if I liked it. And, here we are:

My sim racing setup

What’s in the Box?

Firstly I’ll point out that my iFlag arrived the following morning. I liked this a lot. The package is small and unassuming, contained inside were some M4 screws, velcros and the two mounts I ordered:

iFlag mounts: Standard and Extended mounting plate
iFlag mounts: Standard and Extended mounting plate with countersunk holes for the iFlag 100x100mm mount pattern

A (very) nice, braided USB-C cable:

Nice USB cable supplied

And of course, the iFlag itself:

Reaperware iFlag before installation

It’s a very nicely made item, with the perspex case being a welcome relief from purely 3D-printed items. There’s a USB-C socket in the rear of the casing:

Reaperware iFlag - rear
Reaperware iFlag – rear


Installation is easy, and there’s guidance on Reaperware’s site, too. The key thing is to download the LED profile here, as you’ll need that for Simhub in a moment.

Small tip: when you’re installing the iFlag, pre-install the USB-C cable, as inserting it after installation is quite tricky (yes I learned this the hard way).

I bought both mount extensions because I wasn’t sure how I’d fit the display. The standard mount is designed on the assumption that you want to bolt the display directly onto a section of 8020 profile. The extended mount allows you to mount the iFlag on an extended arm, above or below a section of profile:

Installed and ready to set up in Simhub
Installed and ready to set up in Simhub

SimHub Installation

With the downloaded LED profile to hand, make sure the iFlag is connected to your PC. Simhub should detect this in the Arduino > RGB Matrix tab:

RGB Matrix settings - SimHub
RGB Matrix settings – SimHub

You’ll know all is working as intended if the iFlag is displaying this symbol:

Ready to install LED profile
Ready to install LED profile

To upload the Reaperware profile, click “Profiles Manager” and “Import Profile” (highlighted).

Import LED profile SimHub

Navigate to wherever you saved the LED profile download and install:

select folder location for LED profile
Click Open and you’re done.

From here you can apply the effects you want to use, for me that’s the gear and flags effects:

Profile installed, select effects with "Add Effect"
Profile installed, select effects with “Add Effect”

Click “Add Effect” and you’ll get a list of manufacturer presets:

Once the effects have been installed, the Test Data Editor should work. I needed to add the effects before Test Data Editor would work (obviously). The installation instructions advise that you may need to restart SimHub, which I did. Everything sprang to life after this and I was ready to go racing!


The iFlag is a compact, bright and clever little LED flag accessory for a thoroughly reasonable price. It’s very nicely made, easy to install and extremely visually present in your peripheral vision. It’s staying put on my simulator for sure.

Available in lots of different colours
Available in lots of different colours

During installation and setup, I had to rotate the screen in Simhub’s settings to Landscape 90° (see below):

Rotate iFlag 90 degrees
Rotate iFlag 90 degrees

There were no problems in installation, and the brackets are solid, so it’s mounted on my simulator very nicely. The only extra you’ll need to find is a few T-Nuts and bolts to install the brackets, or use the velcro provided. Thanks, Reaperware!

Reaperware iFlag: Test Drive