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Ten Great Free (and must have) iRacing Apps

Dan Suzuki's iRacing Overlay

Featured image: Dan Suzuki using Racelabapp 

iRacing, a premier platform for high-speed sim racing, can be improved enormously by selecting from a variety of free apps. These apps, ranging from software that adds cosmetic changes to practical racing engineering tools, are designed to take some of the mental load away from your virtual racing experience. Crew Chief is such a good example of this (and it’ll be on the list, naturally!)

Trophi.ai is a new AI coaching tool designed for gaming, specifically sim racing (of course!). It offers an all-in-one app experience to help gamers reach top performance with just a few just minutes spent a day. Key features include:

troph.ai UI
  1. Live AI Coaching and Interactive Lap Guides: These provide real-time guidance and subsequent feedback to improve pace and performance while practising.
  2. Post Session AI Feedback and Mistake Analyzer: The app gives detailed feedback post-race, focusing on techniques and highlighting mistakes with an improvement plan.
  3. Custom Programs and Courses: Trophi.ai’s AI selects interactive learning programs tailored to the user’s needs, ensuring effective and rapid skill development.
  4. Interactive Mechanic Training and AI Post Match Analysis (Rocket League): This aspect of the app focuses on building motor skills and providing comprehensive reports post-match to guide improvement.

The tool, built on years of coaching experience, promises to make learning complex concepts and mechanics fun, simple, and easy. It’s designed to be user-friendly, with a setup time of just 60 seconds, making it accessible for gamers looking to enhance their skills efficiently.

Trading Paints

A step up from iRacing’s in-engine paint system, Trading Paints (read our how-to here) allows for a more personalized experience by enabling users to download and apply custom paint schemes to their cars.

Our (free) maxda livery on trading paints
My favourite (free) Trading Paints livery

VRS Telemetry Logger

This tool provides data from your driving in each session, working both online and offline. It’s perfect for comparing performance across different cars and refining your driving skills. The main caveat is unlike Trophi.ai, VRS doesn’t give you actionable technique changes you have to be able to interpret this data yourself.

VRS telemetry logger

The data itself though s very much like the data you’d be able to download from a real racing car, I use AIM systems and their analysis software, Race Studio 2, looks very familiar:

AIM's Race Studio 2 lap-by-lap comparison data
AIM’s Race Studio 2 lap-by-lap comparison data

Crew Chief

Crew Chief (read our comprehensive guide here) Acts as your virtual crew chief, providing comprehensive real-time session data and feedback, essential for all sim racers. Crew Chief is quite simply a must-have free iRacing app. Even if for one reason: it manages your fuel levels for you in an endurance race:

Criew Chief sim racing software


Improves upon iRacing’s default “black box” by providing more on-screen information at once, like iRating of rivals and session data.

Dan Suzuki's iRacing Overlay
Dan Suzuki’s iRacing overlays, including RaceLab Apps


Soundshift helps with gear shifting by playing a beep at the optimal upshift point for each car. It can be tailored to specific gear ratios and engine tunes. F1 drivers still use this technology the extract every last ounce of performance from their car.


SIMRacingApps offers a customizable HUD that can be displayed on secondary devices like tablets or smartphones, providing essential race data conveniently.

SIMRacingApps is a comprehensive and free companion for your racing games, providing a wide array of tools and widgets to enhance the sim racing experience. It operates as a web server, hosting browser-based applications accessible via any modern HTML5 browser. This makes it compatible with a variety of devices and platforms.

Key features of SIMRacingApps include:

  • Over 50 ready-to-use apps and widgets.
  • Customizable sound alerts for critical racing events.
  • Support for multiple client platforms, including a hardware plugin interface for devices like Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
  • A ReST interface for developers, enabling access to SIM data via HTTP calls.

The platform is designed for sim racers, league administrators, streamers, and broadcasters, with a large degree of community support and development. Its open-source nature under the Apache License 2.0 ensures free access and encourages user contributions. SIMRacingApps is user-friendly, offering quick setup and a wide range of functionalities to cater to various needs within the sim racing community.

iRacing Stats

This tool provides insights on the most popular races and series, helping you decide which content to pick up based on participation trends.

iRacing Tools accessed via https://www.iracing-stats.com/

Kutu’s iRacing Browser Apps (Kutu’s Website): A collection of browser-based tools for iRacing, offering features like a fuel calculator, setup comparison tool, and a VR helmet overlay for added realism.

Ten Great Free (and must have) iRacing Apps