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Cube Controls: OMP GT Pro Sim Steering Wheel review

omp gt pro sim steering wheel

For those who don’t follow my writing elsewhere, I reviewed the Cube Controls OMP GT Pro over at G-Performance, last November.

Sending that wheel back (it was a review item, sadly) was (as it turned out) one of the harder things I’ve had to do. Put simply, returning to my trusty Fanatec GT Wheel Alcantara was like returning to a worn-out pair of shoes. Familiar, but not as nice as a brand new set.

Inevitably, I went ahead and bought myself the wheel. I chose the USB version so that I could keep compatibility with any wheelbase (the Simucube Wireless versions don’t work as a USB game controller!). Here it is looking stunning:

OMP Pro GT wheel from Cube Controls
OMP Pro GT wheel from Cube Controls mounted to my Fanatec DD2

Let’s talk about money. Cube Controls wheels are more expensive. In fact, the OMP Pro GT wheel retails at around €730. By contrast, my Fanatec GT equivalent cost probably less than €300.

So, what do you get for all that extra cash and is it worth the money? You get a very nice wheel and yes, I think so (otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it!).

Mounting a Cube Controls wheel to a Fanatec DD2

Fortunately, the wheel comes supplied with a handful of screws and bolts and a handy spanner. That makes mounting very quick and easy. While I have a choice of QR hubs I could use with my Simucube, I’m mounting to my Fanatec DD2 today so I chose the Podium hub. The bolts that come provided are a better choice to mount the wheel than say, the Allen bolts as the Allen key doesn’t fit in the gap between the 70mm PCD mount on the back of the wheel, and the wheel body.

Use the spanner, and standard bolts though and you’re all good:

OMP Pro GT wheel from Cube Controls side view
Wheel firmly attached to Podium Hub – note the clearance for the mounting bolts – there’s not much!

What else is in the box?

Aside from a bag of screws, bolts and a pair of tweezers, the wheel comes supplied with those lovely looking Cube Controls stickers, and, there are duplicates on each sheet so you can change stickers or update them if they become worn. I tend not to use them myself (I commit the buttons I use to memory!) but they’re there if you want them.

Cube Controls Stickers 2.0
Cube Controls Stickers 2.0 (source)


On the rearview (as you can a few photos from above) you get the new Cube Controls paddle shifters and 2 rotary encoders (one on each side of the wheel chassis).

The paddles are really nice. The throw must be cammed in some way as the force required to activate them isn’t quite linear. It’s hard to describe unless you’ve used them, all I can say is they have such a satisfying tactile feel to them that the first time you use them, you’ll find yourself beaming.

Standard clacky paddles these are definitely not!

OMP Pro GT wheel from Cube Controls front view
Selection of buttons, rotaries, toggles and a funky switch.


On the front, there’s a selection of two rotary encoders, a funky switch, 2 sprung toggle switches and two standard toggles. The buttons are backlit, the top two flash when activated.

Every button has a satisfying feel with a very tactile mounted plastic surround which makes them easy to locate with a thumb or finger. They’re “VR friendly” to put it in product marketing terms.

Detail: rotaries and backlit button on Carbon faceplate mount

Build quality

The overall build quality of these wheels beats anything I’ve used elsewhere hands down. You’d expect a high-end build quality for the price, granted – and that is what you get. Very thick carbon faceplate with the edges bevelled smoothly.

The OMP rim feels ultra-stiff and has the perfect diameter to fit the palms of your hands.

Right-hand side controls



  • High-End Build Quality: The wheel is described as having superior build quality, with a very thick carbon faceplate and smoothly bevelled edges, providing a premium feel.
  • Satisfying Tactile Paddles: The paddle shifters have a unique, satisfying tactile feel due to a non-linear force requirement, which is highlighted as a significant positive aspect.
  • Versatile Button Layout: The wheel features a variety of buttons, including two rotary encoders, a funky switch, two sprung toggle switches, and two standard toggles, all of which are backlit and VR-friendly.
  • Compatibility and Ease of Mounting: It comes with all necessary screws and bolts for easy mounting, and the USB version ensures compatibility with various wheelbases.
  • Stiff and Comfortable Rim: The OMP rim is noted for its stiffness and perfect diameter, fitting comfortably in the user’s hands.


  • High Price Point: The wheel is significantly more expensive than some competitors, such as Fanatec’s GT equivalent, which might be a barrier for some users. The build quality, of course, is in a completely different league.
  • Additional Costs for Accessories: To fully utilize the wheel with certain setups, additional accessories like the QR adapter might be necessary, adding to the overall cost.

As I’ve concluded separately before, Cube wheels always seem to be so nicely made. They’re not budget items, but they do feel an awful lot better in hand than their cheaper Fanatec equivalents. If you’re a bit tired of the GT rim that came with your CSL Elite / DD2 – you really can’t go wrong with one of these. Remember though, you’ll need the QR adapter and that will add extra cost – but I still think this is the best GT-style sim racing wheel you can go out and buy. If you’re keen to see more options though, check out our sim racing wheels buyer’s guide, here.

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