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Common Simucube Problems (and their fixes)

Simucube 2 Pro

It’s very rare for a Simucube 2 Pro, Sport, or Ultimate to go wrong. In the rare event that something does go awry, the developers themselves are very active on the Granite Devices SC2 forum and are always happy to help.

The issues I’ve come across myself or, via the various forums are for the most part very easily sorted, so if you’re experiencing a problem with your Simucube 2, take a look at this list of possible issues and fixes below:

Simucube vibrates when the car is stationary

Issue: My Simucube shakes the steering wheel when the car is stationary or the car is running in iRacing.

Fix: All you need to do is drop the “min force” in iRacing to 0 – during stationary periods this reduces the FFB signal to the wheel to nothing.

My SC2 loses center calibration

Issue: When I’m in-game the base loses its center calibration requiring a base recalibration. Sometimes it can lose several degrees.

An exposed collar clamp on a Simucube 2 Pro
An exposed collar clamp on a Simucube 2 Pro

Fix: Tighten the shaft locking collar and, optionally: re-calibrate the encoder (start by pressing Ctrl + E in TrueDrive). If you’re not sure, follow this guidance from Giorgio Zegretti as he dismantles the wheel side Siucube QR to install a SimRacingBay extension:

Firmware update failed

Issue: Simucube 2 firmware update failure/error

Firmware update failure - Simucube
Firmware update failure – Simucube 2

Fix: Don’t run your Simucube through a USB hub – even a good, powered hub can present an unnecessary risk to sensitive processes like flashing the firmware.

Plug the SC2 directly into your PC, download the previous version of True Drive, install it and see if it detects the wheel and requests a firmware downgrade.

It’s common to have the e-stop activated by mistake too; so check that your e-stop is off by twisting it to release.

The wireless wheel is not detecting or working

Issue: Wireless wheel isn’t appearing in the wheel devices menu

cube controls formula sport wireless
A Cube Controls Formula Sport Wireless Wheel

Fix: The battery in the wheel may be flat – charge the wheel and if this isn’t the case, make sure you know how to set your wheel into discovery or pairing mode. As an example, wheels like the Formula Sport from Cube Controls tend to stay discoverable for 30 seconds after powering them on.

I can feel knocking when the Simucube motor shaft is turned

Issue: I can feel a small knock in the motor shaft when I wiggle it by hand

Fix: Eith the mounting bolts to the rig have come loose or the collet/shaft locking collar needs tightening as previously discussed

iRacing Force Feedback feels vague

Issue: FFB (Force Feedback) in iRacing is very vague in the center.

main iRacing options screen
Getting the torque settings right for iRacing will make a huge difference to FFB feel

Fix: Follow our FFB setup guide – it’s likely the Torque settings are not correct in iRacing (follow our handy iRacing torque settings guide here)

Simucube 2 shakes violently or FFB is too strong in Assetto Corsa

Issue: My steering wheel shakes violently in Assetto Corsa

Fix: If it happens on every car:

  • You can find the oscillation frequency and filter it by the notch filter
  • You can turn the power down and add damping, and friction filters to calm the wheel down
  • You turn the power all the way up in True Drive, but you turn down the FFB in-game to 40% and try again.

If it happens on one car:

  • Check the FFB settings in Assetto Corsa for the particular car. In some cases, the FFB setting can be turned right up by mistake.

No power to Simucube 2

Issue: My Simucube 2 won’t power up, even though it was running fine yesterday. Now it won’t turn on.

Fix: Check that all of the plugs are correctly seated from the mains power all the way to the wheelbase

Often users forget to check the USB cable too, which is by far more common than a faulty Simucube. Try to avoid powered USB hubs and check the USB cable is plugged in correctly.

True Drive gets a VCRUNTIME1401.dll system error

Issue: I get a VCRUNTIME1401.dll system error when trying to run TrueDrive

VCRUNTIME1401.dll system error in True Drive
VCRUNTIME1401.dll system error

Fix: Install Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2019 Redistributable package (64bit version) from Microsoft’s server if you get msvc dll errors when you try to start True Drive.

My USB wheel cable is too short

Issue: My USB wheel cable is too short!

Fix: I have a USB / Cube Controls compatible socket on the end of a USB extension attached to the dashboard on my rig. Take a look at this extension from Turn Racing or get in touch with Sim Racing Machines for something custom.

I’m not sure I have force feedback working properly

Issue: I’ve been trying to dial in the force feedback on my Simucube 2 for the past two weeks and I’m not really getting what I expected.

Fix: Make sure High Torque Mode is enabled

Make sure you’re following the right FFB settings for your game

Try a pre-set profile in Truedrive Paddock (for example, Jon D Miller’s or Dan Suzuki’s profiles are excellent starting points)

Here’s a quick how-to run-through from Simucube on browsing through the many online profiles available via True Drive Paddock.

True Drive Paddock Tour

Grainy FFB feel

Issue: My FFB feels too grainy!

Fix: Try this setup:

Try this setup for a smoother feel to your force feedback
Try this setup for a smoother feel to your force feedback

I need a Simucube compatible front mount for my existing 8020 rig

Issue: I’ve upgraded to the SC2 but I need a decent front mount for my Sim Lab / 8020 profile rig

Fix: Try this adjustable front Simucube mount from simgrade.fi

Universal Simucube 2 front mount
Universal Simucube 2 front mount for aluminium profile sim rigs

Collar is stuck on the Simucube motor shaft

Issue: I’m trying to replace my Simucube shaft with an extension, but the shaft is too tight and won’t release from the motor shaft. I already removed the 4 bolts from the collar but it won’t move.

Simucube 2 collar on shaft

Fix: Put one of the bolts you removed into one of the extra holes (the two that aren’t used to secure the shaft) and tighten it. Once it starts to get tight the shaft should just pop off.

Starting to get a notchy feeling from my Simucube

Issue: I’m starting to get a notchy feeling through the wheel. It only happens when FFB is set high enough (doesn’t happen when the car is stopped for example). When I quickly turn the wheel, I feel a ‘click’. Almost like something might be loose in the QR hub or steering wheel.

A lot of individual bolts are used to assemble a Simucube SQR hub, the internal screws can get loose

Fix: Remove your wheel and QR from the Simucube and make sure that there’s no looseness on the main shaft. If there’s no play on the shaft, next check that your QR hub bolts and steering wheel are all tightened. On an SQR hub don’t forget that some of the screws are tucked away inside the hub so it may be worth dismantling it and rebuilding it with a little screw-lock compound.

Stop your Simucube 2 vibrating in rFactor2

Issue: I’m running my Simucube 2 Pro with rFactor2. I’m getting a lot of vibration at the centre of the wheel rotation. I don’t have this problem in iRacing, ACC or AMS.

Fix: Use the notch reduction filter to calm down the wheel.

The most effective changes you can try to stop your Simucube 2 vibrating in rFactor2 are as follows:

  • Set the minimum FFB to zero
  • Your car-specific FFB multiplier should start below 0.5/(50%)
  • Set the notch filter at around 7Hz (this is system specific and may need some experimentation for your setup)
  • Add some additional damping and friction in TrueDrive which also helps to avoid high-speed oscillations and gives some weight to the steering rim.

If you want a sharper FFB feeling, you can lower your recon filter to 3. Make these changes gradually and always test for enough laps to truly understand the difference the settings are making.

Simucube 2 settings for Assetto Corsa Competizione

Issue: I need Simucube 2 Pro Settings for Assetto Corsa Competizione

Fix: Here are some settings from the Assetto Corsa forums:

ACC FFB software settings
Assetto Corsa Simucube Profile in True Drive
Assetto Corsa Simucube Profile in True Drive

My Simucube makes a beeping sound, especially in the corners

Issue: My Simucube makes a beeping sound in the corners

Fix: The wheel is clipping – to understand what’s going on, and how to set it up properly in iRacing go to our torque setup page.

My Simucube makes noises in iRacing

Issue: Is it normal for there to be some noise coming from the SC2 wheelbase during use?

Fix: The bit of sound around the servo center is because of the iRacing 60hz FFB signal. You can test it by setting the Slew rate to 0.1 – 0.2. It should just disappear.

Update True Drive with your own steering wheel image

Issue: How can I Change the rotating wheel image on True Drive software?

Fix: Put a 400px x 400px transparent png image file called wheelimage.png in to the True Drive directory.

That’s about everything I can cover for now; drop me a line if you have a specific issue with your Simucube wheelbase!

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